The Royal Break



With an apt nomenclature – Royal, Royal break watch is one of the most regal looking watches in vogue. Unlike its sibling Supreme Classic, Royal Break leather watch is made from a high quality scratch resistant Sapphire glass.  



Highlights of Scratch resistant Sapphire glass in Royal Break watch

  • The scratch resistant sapphire glass earns its brownie points on hardness scale, as sapphire is only a step behind the diamond in toughness. Hence, its fracture toughness is four times the value of ordinary Gorilla glass.

  • The case that is made of stainless steel is built with jump date design, emulating the Swiss movement. Besides, the stainless steel case in the back is resistant to rust and water, up to 5ATM, higher than that of Supreme Classic.

  • The seven inch leather strap is sturdily built with a special ventilation design. This aids in giving comfort to your wrist and, makes the sweating an inconspicuous sensation.

  Astute Follower of Swiss Legacy
  • True to its Swiss legacy, Royal Break watch contains special Swiss movement and jump date design incorporated in it. Apparently, Swiss watch movement implies that the watch components have been inspected and assembled in Switzerland.
  • The components of a Swiss made watch account for approximately 60 percent of the total value sans the cost incurred in the assembly of the components. Above all, it is the name – Swiss made that makes this watch incontestably covetable.
  • Another feature that highlights the Swiss connection is the jump date design. This jump date feature refines the date indications by advancing by two discs simultaneously on completion of a month or a year.