The Supreme Series


True to its name, Break’s Supreme disc and Supreme classic are apt choices for working men and women for whom time is of the essence. With an outstanding black base dial with a 40 mm diameter and extremely lightweight, these watches have some really nifty features that push them up the ladder in the list of most sought after wrist watches. Here’s what you can look forward to if you plan to own one of our  modern classics in wrist accessories:




  • Alloy dial: The Supreme watches come with an alloy dial. Alloys have an advantage over the normal metal in certain properties. An alloy, by the virtue of its composition of more than a metal has a sturdier make than metal.Alloys are also resistant to rust and are stronger and more durable than their pure metal counterparts
  • Breathable rubber strap: Wearing a wrist watch is not just about the aesthetics, but about the comfort too. The special dual strap made of breathable rubber in Break time watches, is a slip resistant silicone rubber. This special rubber ensures a good degree of sporty elasticity that makes it flexible in shape.Breathable rubber has been designed specifically to endure duress mechanically, chemically and thermally. Besides, it safeguards the skin against chemicals.
  • Protection and Durability: The dial is rested on a heavy duty stainless steel back in Break Supreme Classic. This aspect ensures a good sturdy frame to your wrist watch making it an absolutely a hundred percent reliable product to buy.The stainless steel back not only gains full points in durability but also, in resistance to water. 



  • A Good Battery life: A wrist watch earns your loyalty with its battery life. And, Break time Supreme is equipped with a special battery that can last for utmost three years. This feature makes sure that your wrist watch stays your trustworthy companion.


Supreme Classic is available in different bright colours: